What is a Pop-Up?

A temporary showcase of what’s to come. We are hosting these dinners as a way for people to preview Gravitas before it opens. This allows us to get guest feedback prior to opening, test possible dishes and ideas, and also support other local businesses.

What should I wear?

When in doubt, dress smart. Dress just like you would if you were going to an exciting new restaurant. If you need a label to go by, you can call it Dressy Casual.

Some of the events are held in distilleries/breweries and other unique spaces that are not "typical" restaurant experiences. We encourage everyone to plan accordingly with their attire and be sure to bring an extra layer!

Will my guest and I get our own table?

Every event is different, however, it's fair to assume that you can expect a communal dining experience seated with other guests. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and have an outside-the-box (or table) experience.

What should I expect?

An intimate, informal evening with interesting people and exciting new food and drinks. These events are unlike typical restaurant experiences as the "restaurant" is essentially built out temporarily for each event.

Will there be parking?

Depends, some locations will have street parking available or garage parking nearby. We will outline parking options and logistical details when you make a reservation. Don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.

What if I have to cancel our reservation?

We understand that life happens, we will happily provide a full refund of your ticket with at least a 48-hour notice of cancellation.

Will you accommodate any allergies?

Yes! We aim to use these pop-ups as a way to showcase what Gravitas is all about, an innovative and inclusive dining experience. We will do our best to accommodate allergies and/or specific dining requests. Please be sure to provide adequate time to our team to fulfill these requests.