Look at the Self-Styled Paradise Matt Baker Has Spent Years Bringing to Life

Dinner service at Gravitas (1401 Okie Street NE), the passion project Baker announced in early 2016, is projected to kick off at 5 p.m. on Sunday, July 1; the highly anticipated restaurant is already accepting reservations via online service Resy.

One reason for the lengthy turnaround time was inevitable construction issues; at one point, Baker says a wall collapsed. He also tackled some of the design work himself, leading to time-consuming efforts such as covering the bathroom from floor-to-celing with white tiles.

“There’s no other restaurant in D.C. that looks like this,” Baker says, noting that he drew inspiration from establishments he admired in Australia and the U.K. He retained some elements from its former life as Pappas Tomato Factory, including its light brick walls, massive windows, and steel beams. Lots of greenery was added throughout to “bring nature in” to the once industrial environment. Preserved moss was planted in some corners of the ceiling. Clear orbs filled with succulents hang from its original 25-foot ceilings in other places. Additional accents include seats wrapped in soft felt, lots of exposed wood, and modern light fixtures.

“I love the idea of it all being so open. I wanted to create energy and movement between spaces,” Baker says. Los Angeles’ burgeoning downtown Fashion District also features industrial-meets-modern restaurants sporting a similar look, like the critically acclaimed Rossoblu.

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