The Best Restaurants in Washington, DC Right Now

DC’s food scene is still at a rolling boil. With a buzzy new restaurant opening basically every week, keeping tabs on the latest "it" spot is a task more futile than Sisyphus' eternal boulder to-do list. It sucks having to spend hours surfing the web just to choose where to have dinner tonight or brunch this weekend, so we're here to help. Below you'll find our always-updated look at the best restaurants in DC right now: First, we’ve singled out the latest and greatest restaurants that just opened last month -- including a warehouse-chic spot in Ivy City and a cozy neighborhood ristorante by a beloved Italian chef. Then, scroll further down to see the best DC has to offer, from classic standbys to the ultra-fresh spots.

Matt Baker’s vegetable-focused tasting menu finally debuts in Ivy City
Ivy City is officially home to an upscale tasting menu restaurant, but you won’t find any white tablecloths in this former warehouse. The vibe of Gravitas is distinctly industrial, with plenty of evidence of nature creeping its way back in, from the patches of moss growing on the exposed brick to the succulents suspended from the ceiling in glass orbs. The dining experience here is completely customizable, with about 15 dishes to choose from. Each guest can craft a unique combination of four, five, six, or seven courses. Half of the menu is vegetarian, because Chef Matt Baker says he likes to let quality local produce shine. Some of the produce will eventually come from vertical planters that will be installed in the rooftop garden. Each dish, vegetable or otherwise, is intricately composed and is as beautiful to look at as it is to eat. The drink menu gives frequent shout-outs to the distilleries, cideries, and breweries in the ‘hood.

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Austin Polasky